Long COVID source list

While the people on this source list have consented to have their information shared publicly, please do not use the list to write about individuals without contacting them directly first. We’ve asked people on this list to provide identifying information regarding their age, race, and other demographics as well as their relationship to “Long COVID,” but we encourage journalists to confirm this information with individuals on the list before publishing it elsewhere.

To connect with individuals on the list, please use the contact information available. In some instances, people with Long COVID have detailed how quickly they expect to be able to respond to media inquiries. We ask that journalists respect these estimated time frames and understand that some Long COVID patients’ availability may change, due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of this illness. Additionally, some Long COVID patients have indicated preferred methods of communication. Whenever possible, we encourage journalists to adhere to these preferred methods of communication / interviews.

Finally, some people on this list have decided not to share their contact information publicly. If you would like to be put in touch with an individual on the list who has not provided contact information, please email [LongCovidSourceList@gmail.com](mailto:LongCovidSourceList@gmail.com). Please note this email address will only be checked once weekly, so responses are likely to be delayed. If you are on a tight deadline, please prioritize sources who have provided direct contact information.

### This database has four categories of sources:

1. **Patients who also identify as experts** on Long COVID and/or advocates for their fellow patients.
2. **Patients who don’t identify as experts,** but are willing to speak to the media about their own lived experience.
3. **Other experts,** including scientists, clinicians, and advocates with expertise in specific areas of Long COVID research, care, and related issues.
4. **Related conditions and experiences,** including patient-advocates with conditions similar to Long COVID (ME/CFS, dysautonomia, etc.) and caregivers for Long COVID patients.

### Navigating the database:

– **Click on a source’s name** to see all available information for that person.
– **To toggle between views:** Click the down arrow next to “Gallery,” then select one of the options.
– Use **Table views** to see all sources from a category in a spreadsheet-like format.
– Use **Gallery views** to see sources in block format, with specific key info highlighted.
– **To search or sort:** Hover over one of the sections, then click on the “Search” button that appears in the top right corner.
– Click the **arrow** icon to the left of a category title to view that category in its own page.
– Use **search** to look for sources who match a specific story need, such as a patient with gastro-intestinal symptoms or a patient located in Los Angeles, CA.
– Use **filter and sort** features to look for sources who match a specific category in the dataset, such as an expert who can speak about patient care for Long COVID. The categories are coded with colorful highlights.
– **Locations** are standardized with U.S. state abbreviations and full names of other countries: eg. “New York, NY, USA”; “Denver, CO, USA”; “London, UK”; “São Paulo, Brazil.”
– The default view for each list is sorted in **alphabetical order** by first name.

### We encourage you to share this list with other journalists who are covering Long COVID.

– If you have any questions or additions to the list, please contact [LongCovidSourceList@gmail.com](mailto:LongCovidSourceList@gmail.com).
– You can also email us if you’d like to access the source list in spreadsheet or CSV format for more advanced searching.
– We’d love to know how this resource is being used! If you have feedback or a link to work that you produced using the list, [you can share it with us via this Google form](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpn-9JsXa6SmTdtdyISu6zpyWUyBDJNBLHkf2bn_PnQQWN_g/viewform?usp=sf_link).
– This resource was last updated on 2/18/2022.

Writing about COVID-19

As well as building up a resource of information and analysis on COVID-19, we want to ensure that we pass on any tips about what can go wrong when writing about this subject: and how to get it right! If you have experience in writing about this area and feel you have advice that would help others, please contact us at: covid19editor@wfsj-briefing.org.

We’d also like to hear from you at that address if you would like to regularly contribute links to the site. If you just want to suggest links on an occasional basis, please send them to: covid19@wfsj-briefing.org.