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COVID-19: Science Matters

Welcome to the World Federation of Science Journalists COVID-19 Briefing site, where we are focused on the science behind COVID-19. The best coverage of COVID-19 is informed by research, so we are gathering new published science and links to portals where you can find science as it’s published, without having to trawl through the internet yourself.

We’re also including basic info about the virus, government strategies, and links of value to journalists on how to cover this pandemic, as well as how to look after yourself.

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  • Interesting new papers
  • Any links you have found which you think might have value to our membership of science journalists, and the wider community of journalists who have been flung into covering a virus about which we’re all learning as we go along.
  • Excellent writing on the subject – we’d like to share the best coverage and analysis with our readership.

This page is organised so that you can find information on different topics (from the drop-down COVID-19 menu at the top of the page), and then see that information separated into different types (see the tabs in the articles list, left).

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We put up this site very quickly (it was eight days from the idea being originally mooted to the site going live) because we saw an urgent need and wanted to help. This means the site is far from perfect as it stands. Rest assured that we will be actively working to improve it.

However, we need your help too:

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